Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Radical New Theory:
World-Leading Physicist Says Extraterrestrials
Parallel Physics: Do
ARM's Race: Why your next laptop might not have Intel inside | ZDNet
Is Time Disappearing from the Universe? (A Weekend Feature)
First Artificial Ovary Matures Human Eggs | Preserving Fertility of Cancer Patients, Chemotherapy | LiveScience
Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Big Bang Abandoned in New Model of the Universe
Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Time Likely To End Within Earth's Lifespan, Say Physicists
Technology Review: Hulu Plus to play on Roku, TiVo set-top boxes
Use Appcelerator Titanium to build mobile apps for iPhone & Android and desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux from Web technologies
Europe Roiled By Massive Anti-Austerity Marches : NPR
hdcp decoding key software code
Sleep Under the Stars
Scientists use hovering zeppelin to film whales - Yahoo! News
Swanky new Vegas hotel’s ‘death ray’ proves inconvenient for some guests | The Upshot Yahoo! News - Yahoo! News
Boeing, Raytheon win work on high power microwave missile
Oral Sex Linked To Mouth Cancer Risk
Oral sex can cause throat cancer - 09 May 2007 - New Scientist
Murder charges increasing in fatal DUI cases - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iris Scanning Set To Secure City in Mexico, Then the World (video) | Singularity Hub
Mars Methane Mystery: What's Making the Gas? : Discovery News
No more Xmarks!? No!! | ZDNet

Monday, September 27, 2010

White coffee, the new trend in beverages - Hindustan Times
How to invent the next hummus - Francis Lam -
Tomato Curry Chicken Recipe -
Digital Radio Mondiale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stop IBOC Now!
Stop IBOC Now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Amid Tension, China Blocks Vital Exports to Japan -

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flat-screen TV Prices to Plunge for Holiday Season - Yahoo! Shopping
Sikorsky’s X2 demonstrator sets unofficial world record speed of 250 knots
Ford gets techy with MyFord Touch
Ford gets techy with MyFord Touch
Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says - Yahoo! News
Little known republic in La. celebrates 200 years - Yahoo! News
13 Things An Identity Thief Won't Tell You on Shine - VideoZone - Flapping into aviation history
Horniest dinosaur ever discovered – Kosmoceratops – found in Utah | Science | The Guardian

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Terry Pratchett creates a sword with meteorites |
Terry Pratchett creates a sword with meteorites |
Was Stuxnet Built to Attack Iran's Nuclear Program? - PCWorld Business Center
Large Hadron Collider spies hints of infant universe - physics-math - 21 September 2010 - New Scientist
BBC News - Google releases censorship tools
Apple vs Adobe: some surprising statistics | PC Pro blog

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Short of Repeal, G.O.P. Will Chip at Health Law -
Generation Y Giving Cars a Pass- Yahoo! Autos Article Page
for-the-unemployed-over-50-fears-of-never-working-again: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Childhood Obesity Might Be Linked to Strain of Cold Virus - Yahoo! News

Monday, September 20, 2010

Using a rat’s body fluids to power an implanted fuel cell - SmartPlanet
YouTube - Aggressive Quadrotor Part II
Church and State
So now that the HDCP key is loose, what does it all mean? | ZDNet
No way can Windows Phone compete with Android (or iOS, for that matter) | ZDNet
Mexico daily cuts drug war coverage after slaying - Yahoo! News
the-new-credit-card-tricks: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
I’m Giving Cable 6 Months, Then I’m Cutting Off Its Head
Why Intel’s M&A Binge Will Fail – Buying Growth is Not a Strategy
what-not-to-say-when-pulled-over-by-a-cop: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

Sunday, September 19, 2010 -- New Physics? Fundamental Cosmic Constant Now Seems Shifty
Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill (PHOTOS) - Yahoo! News

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Types of Wine: Riesling Article -
The Craze Over Currywurst, Germany’s Favorite Fast Food -
Never mind the Italian witch hunt -- Amanda Knox is innocent - Yahoo! News
In search of a solution for Kashmir - Yahoo! News
Ultimate Privacy: How to Disappear, Erase Digital Footprints & Vanish Without a Trace | Community
Why Please Rob Me was a good idea | Enterprise | Real World Computing | PC Pro
calibre - E-book management/format conversion/itunes for ebooks
Sync Android, Motorola, Samsung, HTC: doubleTwist with Amazon MP3
Looking Ahead to the World of White Spaces -
A chat with Microsoft Principal Researcher Bill Buxton, Part III - The Globe and Mail
We can end human slavery in Oregon - Wyden for Senate
Slashdot Book Reviews Story | Super Principia Mathematica
Artificial sweeteners: A safe alternative to sugar? -
Yerba mate: Is it safe to drink? -
Stevia: Is it available in the United States? -
Phenylalanine in diet soda: Is it harmful? -
Olive oil: What are the health benefits? -
Junk food blues: Are depression and diet related? -
High Fructose Corn Syrup Wants A New Name – TIME Healthland
Apple TV vs. Google TV: How do they differ? - Yahoo! Shopping
Video | quietube
China rejects US pressure over currency - Yahoo! Finance

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 Ways to Make Dinnertime Family Time - Parenting on Shine
Husband sacrifices life for his pregnant wife (saddest story of the day) - Parenting on Shine
Famed civil rights photographer doubled as FBI informant | The Upshot Yahoo! News - Yahoo! News
2 ministers burn Quran in Tennessee backyard | | The Tennessean
In referendum, Turks reject military-era laws - Connecticut Post
Fastest Net Service in U.S. Coming to Chattanooga - Yahoo! Finance
FCC to open up vacant TV airwaves for broadband - Yahoo! News
Facebook-fed Aussie plant killed by kindness - Yahoo! News
New drug-resistant superbugs found in 3 states - Yahoo! News
John Grisham talks of wrongful convictions in NC - Yahoo! News
Twitter unveils new website with picture and video content embedded on site (update: hands-on!) -- Engadget
Arctic Reptiles Had Warm Climate During Eocene Period | Climate Change & Global Warming, Arctic Animals | LiveScience
Android 3.0 Essential For Tablet Apps Say Google - Channel News

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet the Mystery Meat Dress: Lady Gaga Explains Rare VMAs Outfit - Stop The Presses!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Political Islam // Articles // The Political Violence of the Bible and the Koran
Arianna Huffington: Obama Insists He Made

Friday, September 10, 2010

15 things that change (immediately) when you have a baby - Parenting on Shine
First Medal of Honor for a living Afghan war vet - Yahoo! News
10 Amazing Homes You Won't Find In Your Neighborhood - Yahoo! Real Estate
Angelina Jolie Admits
U.S. Consumers Show High Interest in 3DTV, but Cite Some Concerns | Nielsen Wire
Cost, 3-D glasses keep would-be 3-D TV buyers in 'wait and see' mode - Yahoo! News
10 Best Regional Foods in America
taxes-what-people-forget-about-reagan: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Roger Linn demonstrates incredibly expressive digital music interface - the LinnStrument
New guitar pickup design offers natural 3D sound
The European Extremely Large Telescope
Laws of physics may just be 'local by-laws'
Fibre Gets A Boost With New UK Technology - Channel News
25 things chefs never tell you | Yahoo! Green
Sleep less than 6 hours a night? Hello, diabetes... | Health Tech - CNET News

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rupert Murdoch's Paywall Disaster: Readers, Advertisers, Journalists & Publicists All Hate It | Techdirt
How Do Textbooks Around the World Lie to Children? - TIME NewsFeed
Larry Flynt: What Ever Happened to Equal Rights for Women?
Danah Boyd: How Censoring Craigslist Helps Pimps, Child Traffickers and Other Abusive Scumbags
Consumer Reports Readers Rate The Best Burgers - Yahoo! Shopping
Forget Product Placement; Get Ready For Product Anti-Placement | Techdirt
Sulphuric acid could cut global warming | TG Daily
LG Optimus Series smartphones first to be powered by dual-core Tegra 2 processor
LG Optimus Series smartphones first to be powered by dual-core Tegra 2 processor
Ancient city by the sea rises amid Egypt's resorts - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

History News Network
The Shocking Dhimmitude of Gainesville, Florida | Dove World Outreach Center
YouTube - Muslims Pretend To Be Nice People
Traitors in Europe Appeasing Islam | Dove World Outreach Center

Islam is hate

Tolerance toward Islam is nauseating, and i really don't like the people doing burn a Koran day, serious red neck right wing idiots. But the Koran calls for the murder of all Christians , Jews and all pagan infidels who wont convert to Islam. It also calls on the to do what ever is necessary to destroy any government not ruled by Islamic sharia law. Sharia law does not allow dissent or freedom of speech. Any criticism of the Koran or Mohammad is punishable by death. They demand respect through the threat of murder and violence. Islam is not just a faith. IT is a system of laws a political theocratic structure that is forced upon believer and unbeliever alike the Koran requires non believers to pay a special tax, simply for not being Muslim as a sign of submitance to Islam. Islam is a threat to our way of life simple as a matter of attrition. Islam is the fastest growing religion in america and Islamic families have more children than non Islamic family's. In England their numbers are now large enough that they are starting to demand sharia law.It must be stooped from happening here. Separation of church and state is one of the guiding principles of our republics freedom, sharia law must never be allowed here.let them worship as they please but don't allow them to force their beliefs on the rest of america. Islam is as much political as it is religious and it calls on Muslims to overthrow the country in which they reside if it isn't governed by sharia making Islamic membership seditious and treasonous.I oppose Islam on the basis of the seditious and treasonous nature of the text of the Koran itself and for its openly stated goals of world wide dominance of sharia law by what ever means necessary. the oppression and marginalization of women, and the fact that the Koran says its OK to lie and break your word to a non-believer and that deception in the coarse of spreading Islam is OK i.e lying about it being tolerant of others and saying its a religion of peace. The Koran also allows the enslavement of nonbelievers as well. The Koran and Islamic culture itself teaches Islamic spiritual supremacy and intolerance and hatred toward all those that differ in faith culture our form of government. There is no such thing as moderate Islam.In Islam moderates are apostle and other Muslims are duty bound to kill them and any who speak out against Islam or leave the faith. So while I dislike the jerks behind burn a koran day I will be joining them in doing so this September 11th.
Blog | Dove World Outreach Center|burn the koran day! lol...
Android 2.2: Badly-needed Improvements to Audio, Touch, More; What’s Missing (UPDATED) | VJ Heaven’s-missing-updated/
Foster + Partners Design Undulating Eco Villas for Mauritius | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World
Nevada GOP candidate faces copyright lawsuit - Yahoo! News
M2Z's Free, Wireless Nationwide Broadband Plan Killed: Thank the FCC | Fast Company
Freedom. Innovation. | M2Z Networks

Monday, September 6, 2010

Technology Review: A Cheaper, Safer Way to Move Natural Gas
Technology Review: Are Genetically Modified Salmon Headed to the Supermarket?
Technology Review: German Court rules against YouTube
Medical Daily: Transition metal catalysts could be key to origin of life, scientists report
Nevada candidate touts speedy fix to budget crisis
The Curse of 3D TV
5-doomsday-scenarios-for-the-us-economy: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
tips-from-frugal-billionaires: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is Believing In God Evolutionarily Advantageous? : NPR
Review: mTrip iPhone app uses augmented reality - Yahoo! News
Researchers discover how to conduct first test of 'untestable' string theory
Hackers blind quantum cryptographers : Nature News
How the Washington Shakespeare Company came to offer Shakespeare in Klingon
Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age’s-dark-secret-it’s-all-about-age/

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Book Review - The Ghosts of Cannae - By Robert L. O’Connell -

Friday, September 3, 2010

Scientists Discover Two Multiple-Planet Solar Systems - Yahoo! News
jackpot-winners-just-as-likely-to-go-bust: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers, Study Finds - Yahoo! News
Op-Ed Contributor - How to End the Great Recession -
Child’s Ordeal Shows Dangers of Antipsychotic Drugs -
Print or Pixels? Publishers Strive to Advance Both - -- Out There: Water, Water Everywhere -- Old Star's Super-Hot Water Vapor Surprises Scientists
Bob Cesca: Glenn Beck the Faith-Healer Continues to Scam His Followers
Bob Cesca: Glenn Beck the Faith-Healer Continues to Scam His Followers
Eric Maisel, Ph.D.: The Art of Obsessing Compulsively
As Predicted, OpenSolaris Board Disbands | Linux Journal

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jacob Heilbrunn: Obama's Unpersuasive Iraq Speech
11 observations on workplace gender wars | VentureBeat
With Salmonella, It's A Chicken-Or-Egg Conundrum : NPR
VMware's Maritz virtually pronounces death of Windows | ZDNet
The culture of Silicon Valley And Burning Man... | ZDNet
Bruschetta With Wisconsin Limburger, Figs And Grilled Onions | Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Hulu Explains Why Hulu Plus Shows Ads, Has Limited Content - The Consumerist
Religious Freedom and a Mosque | FrontPage Magazine